sadhu maharaj with bhaktivinoda

2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

Every year the disciples offer heartfelt gratitude in the form of words from the bottom of their heart to their own Gurudevas on their respective holy appearance days to express gratefulness for what they eternally do for their disciples.

For us, this holy tithi of the appearance of Bhaktiratna Sadhu Maharaj falls this time on Dec. 3, 2016, the holy Chaturthi (4th day) of the Gaura paksha of Keshavmas. Let us all make a written offering, however small it may be, to our dear Shrila Gurudev who has given his whole existence for us. Please post that offering as a comment to this post. Shrila Gurudev will personally read all the offerings and offer them to the Guru parampara on our behalf.

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  1. Amy Harilal (Author)

    Joy Nitai! Jaya Guruvarga.

    Dear Srila Gurudeva, please accept my humble obeisances at your lotus feet.

    On the auspicious occasion of your appearance day I would like to make a humble offering of gratitude for all that you do and all that you represent. Whenever I am in a problem or have a dilemma, thinking of you is always a source of divine inspiration to do the right thing. Indeed just knowing that you are there in the world executing your endless services for the devotees is like the cooling rays of the moon in my mind and heart which are otherwise often in anxiety due to apparent ever increase of darkness and lack of spiritual lights in this world.

    Thank you for always being available to answer all my questions and giving your association via the forums and the internet generally. I know that for a person of such great spiritual stature like yourself time alone is more precious than diamonds to materialistic people. How then are we to appreciate the great charity you are giving everyone?

    I know that if I can become half the devotee and spiritual philanthropist that you are in this life, my life would be successful and my future secure.

    Please always keep me in your blessings and under the shelter of your wise guidance.

    Yours sincerely,
    Amy Harilal.

  2. Nimai das (Author)

    Dearest Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva,

    Jaya Nitai! Hare Krishna! Jaya Guruvarga! Please accept my most humble obeisances at Your Lotus Feet.

    Currently, I don’t find a better word which more appropriately describes Your character other than: Acharya. Yes, You are an ideal Acharya and You kept on living up to this standard for another year, day by day, hour by hour, second by second. By Your vivid example You showed us what does it truly mean to take full shelter of Lord Nitaichand by fully unveiling Your inherent attraction and connection with Him and His Holy Dham, Shri Ekachakra Dham by taking residence there. Besides, You showed how to fully absorb oneself in one’s bhajan by taking shelter in the most Holy Earths of Shri Radhakund Dham in complete silence and dedication. Only You and Radhe know what’s going on there when the door is closed for the outside world.

    Further, You made us understand that one’s worship of Shri Nam is not complete without equally giving importance to His Syllable Form. You gave us the most direct way of establishing instantaneous connection with Lord Nitai Himself, without any reservation, by airwriting His Holy Name. Is there any other greater Transcendental Gift? No.

    Your immense sacrifice in various forms just for the sake of reconnecting all the fallen souls with Lord Nitai knows no bounds. The only price which You are asking is that we may kindly appreciate the importance of Your priceless instructions, which You are perpetually conveying to us. Price so low yet so immensely hard to pay by a dumb, crazy, ungrateful soul like myself. Yet You don’t turn Yourself away and keep on nourishing faith in me, that one day i may give up my so-called independence and surrender fully to Your Sublime Instructions.

    Please mercifully accept these broken words of mine by the occasion of Your Most Auspicious Vyasa Puja.

    Offering prostrated obeisances while holding You in highest esteem,
    Nimai das

  3. Vaibhav Parakh (Author)

    Joy Nitai! Hare Krishna| Joy Guruvarga!

    His Divine Grace, Srila GuruMaharaj, please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet.

    I am quite incapable of glorifying you on the day of your appearance. It is because of your unfathomable mercy that a fallen person like me could get the divine association of your lotus feet as well as all the staunch, pure hearted Nitai Bhaktas who tirelessly, serve day and night to spread the glories of Nitai in all directions.

    It is your mercy because of which I could get to reside in Radha Kund and come a little close to understand her importance. I have always seen you working on audios, books, websites and brainstorming ideas on how to preach about Nitai using all possible avenues and taking the best advantage of the available resources, working tirelessly for days without grains or water just to make sure Niati is glorified. Whenever I feel materialistic pangs, I always look forward to having your association and spending time in Radhakund even though I don’t deserve it. I still remember when I first came to your kirtan with Niatimanidas Prabhuji, and all my materialistic hankering vanished altogether when I associated with Nitai bhaktas, singing and chanting and feeling extremely blissful and I feel that the greatest mercy which has been bestowed upon me is Nitai Vayulekhan for which I can’t thank you enough.

    I hope you will accept these words even though I am foolish and dumb and I can’t glorify you properly.

    Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet,
    Vaibhav Parakh

  4. Nityanandi dasi (Author)

    Dearest Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva,

    Please accept my humble obeisances in the dust of Your most purifying lotus feet. Joy Nitai!

    On this glorious occasion of Your Vyasa Puja, the realization that appears most starkly in my mind is that a person as worthless and inept as me can never properly understand Your nature, qualities, glories, and teachings. So as a helpless beggar, I look up towards Srila Vaishnava das Thakura, to help me meditate more deeply upon Your transcendental personality. He has written the soul touching bhajan, jaya jaya sri Guru prema kalpataru, which I will attempt to draw upon in my feeble attempt to express my appreciation towards You.

    First He says jaya jaya sri Guru prema kalpataru. This is the perfect description of Your divine self. You are the wish fulfilling tree of love for Nitai. Love for Nitai is the most powerful force there is and ever will be, and since You embody that, You can will things to manifest to help both Your followers and laymen to also experience that craze for the most loving Lord Nityananda. You are just like Lord Shiva and Sanatan Goswami in this regard. When I think of You I am reminded of the pastime of the soul who worshipped Lord Shiva with the aspirations of obtaining great material wealth. Yet Lord Shiva, being the most merciful, put that soul into contact with Sanatan Goswami whereupon he was naturally induced to give up a touchstone that turned everything into gold in favor of suddha Harinam. Similarly, You must be approached by so many people desirous of both gross and subtle material boons, yet You give them that which is far beyond their expectations, Lord Nitai. What they originally hankered for would only give topical and temporary “happiness”, but by giving them Lord Nitai, You forever remove the possibility of distress and give them eternally bliss: nitya ananda.

    The next point is that Your manifestation in this world is so astonishing. Adbhuta yako prakash. Until now Nitai has been the most well-kept secret in creation. Sri Krishna gave this world to Maya devi to rule, but if one somehow comes in contact with Nitai, Maya devi’s influence is immediately vanquished. If Nitai became extremely popular, Maya devi would have no one under Her subjugation and the entire definition of the material world would cease to have any meaning. But upon Your advent here, that’s exactly what You have set out to do and are succeeding at doing! By Your boundless mercy, You have come to turn this whole world into Nitaidham Ekachakra by installing Nitai in everyone’s hearts through preaching His Holy Name.

    Hiya ageyana timira vara jnana, suchandre kirane koru nash. This verse always reverberates in my heart when I think of You. We have heard about the “torchlight of knowledge” that the Guru uses to dispel the darkness of ignorance, but here Vaishnava das Thakur compares it to moonbeams. And how appropriate, since the brightness emanating from Nitaichand’s lotus feet is compared to millions of moons. And in the same bhajan of Narottam das Thakur, all ignorance is succinctly put: asatyere satya kori mani. Ignorance is when we accept lies to be truth and vice versa. But then He explains the antidote to all ignorance: Nitaiyera charana satya, tanhara sevaka nitya. Only the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda are the only truth and Nitai’s servant is also true (eternal). Eternality is the test of truth. Who is doing greater service for Nitai in all the three worlds than You, my dear Gurudeva? So You are the moon of truth for all of us, who in one fell swoop exposes the illusions we were seeing in the darkness of our ignorance to be false, and lighting up our hearts to the knowledge of Sri Sri Jahnava Nitai.

    Oh, how true is the next line in relation to You! Iha lochana ananda dhama. Seeing You is the abode of bliss for the eyes. So many times, when I feel depressed and feeling so far and rejected from Nitai and Ekachakra Dham, I watch a video of You doing katha or kirtan and suddenly I feel like I have been transported to Siddha Bakul and indescribable elation fills my heart. That is the immense power of Your darshan. Seeing You is non-different than seeing Nitai. Ayachita eheno patita heri yo pahum yachi deyalo Harinam. Even though I have never desired it, You gave me Harinam. More specifically, You gave the means to relish true Harinam by Nitai Namlekhan. A person like me is always committing offenses to Sri Nama Prabhu, and in such a case He keeps His distance. So we are actually never able to associate with the Lord in the form of His Name due to the wall of offenses we construct to keep Him out. But Gurudeva, You are the most unique, because You have found a way for Harinam to come running to flood our hearts, because it is Nitai’s Name that is Supremely Attractive, not just to the jivas, but to Sri Sri Radha Krishna who are non-different from Sri Harinam. Your mercy is simply unmatchable!

    Durgati agati asata mati yo jana, nahi sukriti lava lesh. This verse applies to me perfectly. I’m certainly bound for hell based upon my actions. The Bhakti Sandarbha says te pachyante maha ghore kumbhipake bhayanake bhaksita kita sanghena yavac chandra divakarau. One who blasphemes the Lord or the Vaishnavas will be sent to Kumbhipaka hell and will be bitten by worms and insects for as long as the sun and moon exist. Dear Guru Maharaj, I have done both of these heinous offenses not once, nor twice, but repeatedly throughout this degraded life. Yet even this problem is not too difficult for You to solve. You have revealed to us the ultimate secret, that Nitai Nama even combats Vaishnava aparadha. Your mercy is a force that truly surpasses all the demoniac things I’ve done and can ever do. Yet alas! My real problem is that I still haven’t surrendered to Your lotus feet and accepted that mercy.

    This next verse describes the ultimate gift You have given to everyone. Sri Vrindavan yugala bhajana dhana mohe korolo upadesh. You are the one who has instructed us on how to worship the Divine Couple in Sri Vrindavan Dham. But, You do this so expertly by personalizing our meditations and services based on our innate inclinations. For those who would like to serve Sri Sri Radha Krishna in Radhakund, You tell them how to meditate on Nitai Nam akshar in a way to facilitate their desires and eternal service. You also appropriately instruct those of us who wish to worship the Divine Couple in Their combined form of Sri Bankim Raya alongside Nityananda Raya to do the same. You are very sensitive to the moods of Your disciples and guide everyone impeccably.

    Nirmala Gaura prema rasa sinchane puralo saba mana ash. You shower everyone with the pure prema rasa that Gauranga Mahaprabhu distributed, and by doing so You fulfill all desires. When I reflect upon this verse, the vision of Mahaprabhu distributing Nitai’s charanamrita comes to mind. For me, prema rasa is synonymous to that charanamrita. We were born at a time where we were unable to receive that liquid form of pure love, but yet You have made sure we don’t miss out. Now, just like Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself, You are distributing that charanamrit in vani form. Especially during Your Ekachakra kathas it actually leaves that lasting sweet taste in our hearts, that the devotees were talking about in Nityananda Charitamrita after tasting Nityananda Mahaprabhu’s charanamrita. How astounding that You are continuing to shower up on us the nectar of Nitai’s lotus feet when we are so undeserving that we rejected it all those years ago when Gauranga was offering it. We don’t deserve a second chance but You are still feeding it to Your starving children, as You are our most loving father.

    My feelings are truly encapsulated in this: so charanambuje rati nahi hoyalo royata Vaishnava dasa. In this case, royata Nityanandi dasi. I can simply cry wondering why even after all this years of receiving Your unconditional mercy and love I still have not developed any attachment to Your lotus feet. I do absolutely nothing to serve Your mission, which is the main indicator of having any attachment to Your sripadapadma. I’m completely a useless burden and I still cannot fathom why You tolerate me. On this day I prostrate myself at the lotus feet of all of Your disciples, who have been sent by Nitai to assist You and who are so close to You by the mammoth sevas They perform out of love for You. Dear Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva, I promise to try to become the menial servant of Your stellar disciples. That is my only hope for developing attachment to Your lotus feet. Please forgive me for my innumerable offenses I have committed towards You. All glories to You and Your associates! Please keep me under the shade of Your lotus feet eternally. I welcome Your kicks which are just like Vrindavan das Thakur’s but I beg You to never kick me away from You.

    Your worthless aspiring servant,
    Nityanandi dasi

  5. Mohit Kumar (Author)

    Dear Nitaipresthiji,

    Please accept the dandavat pranams of this servant at Your lotus feet.

    There is so much that we can write about You, dear Gurudeva, but it can never be enough to fully capture what You have given us and Your glories. Before Your guidance, I felt so lost in bhakti. I had such little attraction to Bhakti, and I was lost in the ocean of speculative philosophy. Yet when I came across Your teachings I was deeply attracted, due to Your nature. You taught us all how a real Uttama Adhikari Vaishnav behaves. The way You never have any ulterior motives but only want the uplift every Jiva in the world spiritually. You are the definition of “Sadhu”. That is why I think that Sri Sri Jahnava Nitai have chosen You to spread Their mission in this Kali Yuga.

    Dear Gurudeva, there is one verse that comes to mind when I think about Your behavior and love for Your disciples. Originally this verse was written for Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, but it also applies to You”

    “kripaya hari-kirtana murti-dharam
    pranamami sada prabhupada-padam”

    “kripaya hari-kirtana murti-dharam” You are the most merciful embodiment of Hari Kirtan. When anyone hears the Nama or the Katha coming out of Your lotus mouth, they are immediately attracted towards the Lord. Your katha cleanses the dirt in the heart. You are the embodiment of the message “Nama Bhaja, Nama Cinta Nama Kara Saara” and Your whole life has been in service to Nama Akshara and Nama Sabda Brahman. Without you, How could we understand the Nama? You took the most rare scriptures of Harinama Cintamani and Navadwip Dhama Mahatmya and gave commentaries on its deep and esoteric meanings and showed us how we should approach Harinama. You gave to the whole world freely the most Merciful Name of Sri Sri Nitai Gaura. You showed to the world shamelessly, the exalted position of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur and His teaching. “dharani bhara haraka gaura janam” Your very birth has removed the burden of Dharti Mata, because You have given us the process of Nitai Vayulekhan which directly and indirectly through the air purifies the sins of all Kali Yuga Jivas. “janakadhika vatsala singdha padam” and Your love of Your disciples is more intense then the Love a father has for his children. You are in all respects our spiritual father. The way you ensure the wellbeing of every devotee, whether they are comfortable in the Dhama, whether they have eaten prasadam etc. Even at the expense of Your own Bhajan and preaching work you go out of Your way to meet with each and every devotee to answer their needs. The ashramas You have built in the 4 holy dhamas, will forever be a way in which all devotees can get Dhama vaasa easily, especially at a place that has been purified by Your Lotus feet. This is the one of the greatest Sevas that is koti koti times better then building million of hospitals. More then that You have no false pride, even though You are fully deserving all Your glories. Through You humility and love for the Guru Parampara, You teach us what it means to serve the Vaishnavs.

    You were the acharya who gave freely to the world the deep, rare amrta that is Nitai dasyam and Nitaainama Lekhan. This Namalekhan’s glories can all be related to You because You are the one giving this nectar to us. Even though I am so sinful, by this process of Nitai Namalekhan I am getting tiny bit taste in Harinama, and the Dhama. This is only due to You, dear Nitaipresthiji. When I listen to Your kathas about Radhakund and Nitai, I feel like the Lords Themselves are present in Your vani. When You sing in Your sweet voice, I just want to sing along with You and dance.

    There is so much more one can write about You Gurudev. About Your attachment to Radhakund (You are the current Radhakund acharya), about Your huge preaching achievements, about Your gift to the world in the form of Nitaaiveda, but I am unable to describe this properly. You are the most dear of Radharani and Jahnava Maa (because She is Bhaktiratna Pradayani). I am so sinful Gurudeva, and that is why I have been unable to come see You or take shelter at Your feet. I feel so dumb and foolish that I cannot properly glorify You and I simply pray at Your lotus feet on this day that You never leave me, or consider me a stranger. Please bless me to be able to come to Ekachakra and Radhakund quickly to have Your darshan.

    Jaya Jaya Nitaipresthi Caranararavinda,
    Jaha krpate jiva paye Nitai Pada Dwanda

    Jaya Jaya Nitaipresthi, Jaya Krpamoya
    Jahara Nama laite ghuce samsarera bhoye!

    • Nitai-Bhikshu das (Author)

      Namah Om Gaurangapadaya Nitaipreshtaya Bhutale Srimate Bhaktiratna Sadhu iti Namine Nitai Vayulekhan Nitai Lila Vitarine Radha Bhaktivinoda Ashraya Pradayine 🙏

      In the past year, a lot of new realizations and blessings have been showered on my head by the mercy and favor of Your Divine Grace. From the first time I heard Nam from You my life has never been the same. The sweetness of the Name was slowly showing itself to me. I would be a first class fool to say that the depth of the realizations I have been receiving are because of my own small efforts. Everything I have is due to my connection with You.

      I have heard You say that You are undeserving of us (Your Sisyas), but factually very few of us are deserving to be Your disciple. Many people are trying to win the lottery but only one out of many millions actually win. However in our case, we have all won the lottery.

      This offering is not showing enough gratitude in comparison to the way in which You are serving me. I am the disciple but You are always giving service to me daily and nourishing my bhajan. I pray to Sri Sri Vasudha Nitai that one day soon I may give some pleasing service to Your Divine Grace, thus ensuring my permanent residence in Ekachakra Dham under Your care and supervision.
      All glories to You Srila Nitaipreshthji 🙏❤️🙏

      Your servant,
      Nitai-Bhikshu das

  6. Nitaisevika dasi (Author)

    He Guru Maharaj, apnar sri padapadme ei adham dasi’r ananta koti pronam o preeti bhalobasha samarpita korlam.

    Nitai priya Nitaipreshthji amar
    Ki bhabe kori he Gurudeb, vandana tomar?
    Murkha neech, ei shishya je boro din
    Kintu tomar karuna Prabhu agamya anta-hin

    Oh Nitai’s dearest beloved, my Nitaipreshthji
    How oh how dear Gurudev, shall I sing Your glories?
    Foolish and fallen, this disciple of Yours is very poor
    But Your compassion my Master is unfathomable and without end.

    pratyek baar ei dine hoye jai stabda
    Guru mahima varnane khuje na pai shabda
    Tobo mone uthe ullasera taranga
    Bujjhi kiba naache anande Nitaichanda!

    Every time on this day, I become completely dumbstruck
    To describe my Guru padapadma’s glories, I cannot find words
    Yet, waves of great joy keep forcefully invading my heart
    Nitai is dancing in bliss today, this I can understand.

    (He Nitai) Tomar sevaker guna gaite ami khubi asamartha
    Amar sakala cheshtha nishchoy habe vyartha
    Tadapi ei karye atulniya sukh pai
    Ataeva koro doya more Doyal Nitai!

    To sing the glories of Your topmost servant oh Nitai, I am extremely incapable
    All my efforts to do so will certainly prove futile
    Still, in this joyful task my heart feels incomparable happiness
    Hence, please have mercy on me by bestowing some strength – oh Doyal Nitai!

    Ana-adhikare yadi boli kichu kotha
    Barambaar magi Gurudeb srichorone khoma
    Dosh dekhiyo na prabhu, ami mudhamati
    Ashirbaad koro jeno charane jage rati

    In this attempt to glorify You, if I speak something without proper qualification,
    then oh dear Gurudev, I beg Your forgiveness again and again.
    Please do not see my faults dear master, as I am a fool number one,
    Just bless me that I may develop attachment to Your lotus feet.

    Gaur koren durlabh Krishna prema pradaan
    Nitai aro doyal, tini gupta Gaur prema nidhaan!
    Sarvadhik karunamayi Sri Jahnava Mata
    Prakashilo Avadhut chandrera Nam lila guna gatha

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead Gauranga Mahaprabhu is the bestower of the rare love of Krishna.
    Nitaichand is more merciful, since He is the reservoir and distributor of the supremely hidden Gaur prema, which surpasses even Krishna prema.
    The epitome of compassion is however Sri Jahnava Mata, as She was the one who illuminated the pinnacle of Gaur Krishna prema – the confidential glories of Nitai’s holy name, qualities and pastimes.

    Sei Ananga Jahnava’r sangini, tumi avashya Nitai avesh
    Jahnava devi’r iccha hetu prithibite korecho probesh
    Tomar madhyame purna habe Jahnava’r karya mahatva-purna
    Preme shobai Nitai nam gaibe punah punah!

    You are the confidante of that Jahnava Ananga Manjari, thus You are certainly the empowered manifestation of Nitai.
    You have come to this material world in order to fulfill the most cherished desire of Jahnava devi.
    By You, the most important task of Jahnava Mata will be accomplished.
    Very soon the people of this world will cry out Nitai’s name in love again and again.

    Jahnava Ishvari swayam Nitai prema ishta
    Sei Ishvari’r Tumi sevika ati ghanishtha
    Ei karonei to Tomar Nitai bhakti tulna vihin
    Praneshwar Nitai sada Tomar premadhin

    Jahnava Devi Herself is the Ishta (Mistress) of Nitai prema,
    And You are the very intimate maidservant of the empress of Nitai prema (Jahnava).
    No wonder there is no comparison to Your devotion for Nitai!
    Nitai, the master of Your life, is very easily subdued by Your love.

    Bhaktiratna tumi Jahnava Ishvari’r upohaar
    Tava pade natha he, ei kangala chhar
    Tomar prasade pabo Nitai Jahnava charan
    Ei rupe diyecho Srimati Radharani’r sharan

    You are the jewel of Bhakti, Jahnava Ishvari’s gift to all of us,
    At Your lotus feet, oh Lord, this wretched rogue falls again and again
    It is by Your mercy that we will attain the Divine Couple Jahnava Nitai,
    And in this way You have expertly also given us the shelter of Srimati Radhe (no wonder it says Radha ashraya pradayine in Your pranam mantra!).

    Chale, bale, kaushale Nitai koren Gaurnam vitaran,
    Sei bhabe prachar hoibe ebe Nitainam lekhan
    Nitaier pratinidhi Tumi, Nitai sama dhurandhar
    Jane jane bilaile Prabhu Haladhar

    By tricks, by personally pleading and by employing various clever methods, Nitai distributes Gaur’s holy name to everyone,
    In the same way now Nitai’s own holy name, in the form of Nitainam Lekhan, will also be preached throughout world.
    Being Nitai’s representative, You are expert just like Him!
    You are giving away Haladhar Nitai Balaram to every person, by implementing His own methods. 😉

    Boro kathin paar kora anartha nivritti,
    durgama sthar paar korar dile vidhhati
    Nitainam lekhane sarba aparadh ghucchi
    Sulabhe prapta hoy harinam ruchi

    It is very difficult to cross the stage of anartha nivritti.
    To cross this unsurpassable level, You have given us this sublime process.
    Nitainam lekhan wipes out all our offenses,
    taste for the holy names is very easily obtained.

    Tomar madhye paowa jay pura Guru Parampara
    Tomar vani te bahe tader upadesha dhara
    Tomar sebay je koribe nijeke utsarga
    Prassanya koribe se samastha Guruvarga

    The whole Guru Parampara can be seen within You,
    All their instructions flow from Your vani.
    One who dedicates themselves in Your service,
    he will certainly please the whole Guruvarga.

    Dham nishthay tumi jeno Baba Jagannath das,
    Sada koro Ekachakra Radhakunde vaas
    Mayapur Yogapith mahima dekhaila Bhaktivinoda Thakur,
    Ekachakra Yogapith katha tomar mukhe hoilo ankur

    In terms of dham nishtha, You are like Jagannath das babaji who never left the holy abode of Vraja-Navadvipa.
    You are always residing in Nitaidham Ekachakra or Sri Radhakund dham!
    Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur revealed the glories of Mayapur Yogapith, Gauranga’s place of appearance,
    but the extremely esoteric glories of Nitai’s Yogapith in Ekachakra have manifested extensively from Your lotus mouth!

    Gaurkishor das babaji’r nam bhajan nishtha,
    Namakshar aradhana Tumi korecho pratishtha!
    Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati bhakti tattva Guru,
    Sarva siddhantera Tumi gyana kalpataru

    Gaurkishor das babaji has shown by His example, the importance of Nam bhajan,
    You have propagated His teachings practically by implementing the worship of the Nam syllables!
    Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati is the master of all philosophies in devotional service.
    You are the desire tree which supplies the knowledge of all those teachings spoken by Him.

    Siksha Guru tomar Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta,
    Unar sange tomar mil boro durdanto!
    Dujoni Nitai avesh, ei katha satya
    Snehera patra Tumi unar param priya bhritya

    Your instructing spiritual master is Srila Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.
    Your similarities with Him are in a great measure and very striking!
    You both are Nityananda Avesh, this is a fact.
    You are the recipient of Prabhupada’s doting affection, and His very dear servant.

    Tomar katha sunile hride prakashe gudha bhakti gyan
    Raganuga bhaktir prabesh marg hoilo sandhan
    Keval matra tomar katha yadi sune haiya eka mon
    Shigrahi paibe nitya lila’r apurbo darshan

    By hearing Your rasika kathas, esoteric truths of devotional service are spontaneously revealed in the heart.
    The medium of entering into Raganuga bhakti (spontaneous loving devotional service following in the footsteps of Vraja vasis) and the nitya lilas is now found!
    If one simply hears Your kathas with rapt attention, very soon they will attain the astounding darshan of the eternal unmanifest pastimes of Sri Sri Nitai Gaur and Radha Krishna.

    Tomar bhava bahu jan bhool bujhe baar baar
    Kore koto lanchana aparadha prahaar
    Kintu tomar Nitai nishtha parama atal
    Lage jeno khada parvata himachala

    So many souls misunderstand Your topmost mood for Nitai, so many times.
    They attack with arguments, accusations and offenses against You.
    But Your loyalty to Nitai and firm determination to spread His glories is unshakeable.
    It seems unmovable just like the Himachala mountains.

    Vinamratar murti tumi, kintu param vidwan
    Tava darshane hoy ahankarer avashaan
    Nitai jemon Adi Guru, kintu balya swabhaav
    Nitai preme matta tomar sei rokom bhaav

    You are the embodiment of humility, but full of transcendental knowledge.
    All ego runs away simply by receiving Your divine audience.
    Just like Nitai is the primeval spiritual master, but always in the mood of a child,
    You being maddened in His love are always in an innocent mood – just like Him.

    Din kate din gune, nishi jay niraashe
    Kabe jabo Gurudeb tomar charana pashe?
    Dhairya ha Nitai, aar to nahi roy
    Kabe koribo ami sudridha nischoy?

    Days pass like numbers, and the night passes in hopelessness
    When will I be near Your lotus feet oh Gurudev?
    Patience oh Nitai, I can no longer keep.
    When will I become firmly determined to leave everything behind and run to my Gurudev’s lotus feet?

    Praner Gurudeb mor khoma koro aparadha,
    Janama janama more koro atma shaatha!
    Aravinda pade keval matra chai
    Rakho Nitaipreshthji’r ashroye doyal Nitai!

    My dearest Gurudev, please forgive all my unlimited offenses at Your lotus feet.
    Kindly empower this fallen soul to be your true servant life after life.
    Oh Doyal Nitai, at Your feet only this much I beg, please always keep me in Nitaipreshthji’s shelter.

  7. HemGaurangadas (Author)

    Wish U a very happy ,divine blissful apprarance day dear Gurudeva..!!I was fool no.1 n fully aware of real goal of life n the actual process to achieve that real goal !! By the will of Supreme Lord I came across Ur most precious sanga in this life for very longer time n by His will still I am fortunately relishing Ur sanga n all other very pure devotees like HG Nityanandidasimg ,HG Nitaisevikadasimg n HG Nitaimanidaspg. n other wonderful Nitaibhaktas !! Though i m still full of faults somwhow God has maitain me to stay near Ur Lotus feet !!Thouh i m totally gone case n absolutely unfit for the causelees mercy of Urs due to my most severe offenses of present n previous lives somehow God is mercifully showing favour for me by allowing me to stay near Ur lotus feet !!This proves truelly the most merciful n adoshadarshi nature of Doya Nitai !! I have fallen deeply in this ocean of miseries but U have given me the hope for deliverance by gifting us most easiest n safest spiritual path of Nitai Vayulekhan !!All glories to U..Aapki jai dai..jai dao..jai dao..

  8. Krishnaprasad (Author)

    Namah Om Gaurangapadaya Nitaipreshtaya Bhutale Srimate Bhaktiratna Sadhu iti Namine Nitai Vayulekhan Nitai Lila Vitarine Radha Bhaktivinoda Ashraya Pradayine 🙏

    Dearest Nitaipreshta Gurudev Dandvat pranam , All glories to Shri Guru Parampara please forgive me for late offering for your appearance day.

    I always keep thinking that the title ” Bhaktiratna” is not given coincidentally to you because your truly the most valuable Gem who first preached the most merciful mantra rajas in the whole creation and now your Nitai Vayulekhan Archarya. This process of Airwriting is definitely the most sublime and easiest way to gain ruchi in Harinaam. The sooner people realise the better it will be.

    The journey of life is going smoothly only because of your mercy and prayers. Please forgive me for my ungratefulness towards you in offering you much seva. I sincerely desire to serve you in dham till I live. Kindly beg to pray for the same your always guiding us in our difficult times ,I believe that our relationship is eternal and far far greater than puny material give and take and it doesn’t depend on anything like this.
    Finally am ignorant fool unable to truly understand your exalted position kindly beg to pray for me.
    Yours always,

  9. Yajnesvara das (Author)

    Dear Nitaipresthji Maharaj

    Although I am not your disciple Maharaj, I request that you kindly accept my obeisances at your feet, on this day – your appearance day.
    By Lord Nityananda’s unlimited causeless mercy, I was fortunate enough to be able to hear you speaking, on YouTube, about Nitai and His wonderful names. By hearing your descriptions of Nitai and His names, qualities, forms, paraphernalia, pastimes and associates, I have been able to approach Nitai directly and beg Him for shelter, protection and His service
    I thank you for showing kindness to me by allowing me to participate along with you, your students and disciples in your Namruchi.Com chat. NitaiNitaiNitai KiJai

  10. PremiKrishna dasa (Author)

    Dear Srila Nitaipreshthji,

    On the auspicious occasion of your appearance day, please accept my unlimited dandavats at your lotus feets.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai to keep you hale and hearty throughout your life.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai to bestow His unlimited shower of mercy on you incessantly

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that all your selfless desires and dreams come true.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that He may always be with you in your preaching mission to all the destitute souls of this universe.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai to keep giving you strength in your seva towards Guru parampara.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai to send as many dedicated Nitai servants to you to help you spread your mission far and wide

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that you get unlimited love, support and affection from your beloved disciples.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai to remove all the impediments in your massive undertaking of establishing Lord Nitai’s position as the Only deliverer of the fallen souls

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that you always reside in Ekachakra and Radhakunda, the Dhamas of all the Dhamas.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that may the entire Brahma Madhva Gaudiya parampara support and maintain you in your selfless devotional service to Lord Nitai.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai, so that you continue the rich legacy which Srila Prabhupada established.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that in the coming generations, Nitai touches billions of souls in the form of Nitai Vayulekhan which you have mercifully shared and benedicted us with

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that all the previous acharyas become extremely pleased with you.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that may Lord Gauranga always keep you enraptured in spiritual bliss in pure love of Nitai.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that may Srimati Radharani and Lord Krishna always keeps you besides Them in Their nityalila.

    My sincere prayers to Lord Nitai that may I serve you birth after birth.

    Your insincere and incapable sadhaka begging mercy at your lotus feet
    PremiKrishna das

  11. Padmanitaidasi (Author)

    Dandavat pranaam to the lotus feet of Nitaiprestaji Gurudev. Happy appearance day dear Gurudev. I don’t know how to glorify your glories. Your glories are unlimited. We are very happy with your association. You are so simple and humble. You are para dukha dhukhi. Your association gives so much pleasure and bliss to US. In this world no body given easyest path to reach Golok Vrindavan but your so merciful you given most merciful Nitai Nam to US . You given Nitai Vayulekhan to US by doing this we are getting so much bliss thank you so much Gurudev.

    You will think everytime about fallen souls and give new new apps and guides how to do easy Bakthi . We are really fortunate after so many life’s we reached correct path. Please bless us Gurudev without your mercy we are fish out of water. You are guides like father you are cares like mother you are gives us spiritual knowledge. If we do some mistakes you will correct us with more patience . Please show your mercy on this sinful person Gurudev. Please Keep me dust of your lotus feet Gurudev.

    Nitai Vayulekhan gives so much spiritual energy . Your every slide is simply super and your Katha gives real food to our souls. Your quotes are gives so much inspiration Gurudev.
    You are having so many glories Gurudev how this fallen soul glorify. Sorry Gurudev if I write anything wrong please forgive me with my broken words I wrote something.

    My humble prayers at your lotus feet please bless me and show your mercy dear Gurudev.
    Your servant

  12. Anonymous (Author)

    “Sakshad-dharitvena samasta-shastrair
    uktas tatha bhavyata eva sadbhihi
    kintu prabhor yah priya eva tasya
    vande guroh sri-charanaravindam”

    Koti Koti Dandavat Pranams unto your lotus feet Nitaipreshthji Srila Gurudev.

    Please accept our humble obeisances on this auspicious day of your appearance.

    Gurudev! We do not know in which way we can express our gratitude for your tireless contributions in keeping us intact in Bhakti & uplift each one of us from our abominable position.

    Your priceless gift of rapt Nitai Bhakti through the most powerful method of Vayulekhan has immense impact on each of us to improve the quality of our Harinam japa. Words fall short to express our gratitude to you for your ultimate revelation of Nitai Vayulekhan.

    Life has always ups and downs and we are not excluded & we have been passing through this part since last year but we are never bereft of this because of your divine vani which makes us feel so protected since you have given us the shelter of your lotus feet even without seeing our qualification. Your divine words ” Nitai Devotees are never bereft of any thing ” always makes us feel strongly protected and wipes out all hindrances in our devotional practices. All glories to your divine vani.

    Gurudev ! When will our desire be full filled to have your Darshan on the most auspicious day Nityanand Traodishi ? We have been planning since last year but unfortunately not able make it. Gurudev! Please bless us to full fill this desire.

    Words will always fall short to glorify you no matter how much we glorify you but we can only say that we are eternally indebted to you for taking all hitches for each one of us as our eternal savior.

    Thank you so much Gurudev for giving us shelter of your lotus feet and protecting us from the greatest danger of life.

    Your glories are limitless. All glories to you.

    Joy Nitaipreshthji Srila Gurudev
    Joy Nitai
    Joy Nitai Vayulekhan

    Servants of your lotus feet,
    Debasis , Bharati & Pratik

  13. Anonymous (Author)

    Om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya
    cakshur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave nama.

    Gurudev wishing a very happy appearance day.🙏🏻🙏🏻

    My Dear Gurudev. Please accept my Dandvat pranam unto Your Lotus feet.

    My prayer to Nitai Chand for your good health. Gurudev! I fall short of words to glorify your glories. You are the hope for hopeless people like me. You have uplifted millions souls giving them Nitai naamlekhan matra which is the shortest path to reach gaur Radha Krishna.
    Thank You so much Gurudev for protecting us from the greatest danger of life and giving us the most sublime Nitai Bhakti.

    Servant of your lotus feet

    Ashok, Sandhya, Abhinash & Akshita

  14. Nitaichand das (Author)

    Dear Srila Nitaipreshthji Gurudev,

    Please accept my respectable obeisances at your lotus feet.

    Nityananda ! Gauranga ! Joy Nitai Vayulekhan !

    On this auspicious day of your appearance, despite my frailties and limitations, I offer this meager attempt to say something in order to glorify You.

    Words cannot express the deepest gratitude I feel for being a recipient of your causeless mercy. Under the dark veil of ignorance I was rotting away in material life, becoming increasingly more degraded. Through your causeless mercy, your deepest compassion for the fallen souls of Kali-Yuga, you lifted that dark veil and revealed the light of transcendental knowledge.

    While preaching, you shine with purity, enthusiasm, heart-warming humor and the deepest devotion. Your lectures have always been a treasured source of shelter, challenging my materialistic conceptions and inspiring me to become Nitai Conscious. Your ecstatic kirtans are also very inspiring. They radiate the bliss of devotional service and show us how to give everything for Nitai’s pleasure.
    Because of your deep love for Nitai you are naturally deeply concerned with His parts and parcels, therefore you are so expertly arranging for our re-entry into the devotional service of the Lord. This is your real care for all of us; that we truly experience the amazing nature of who we actually are as pure servants of Lord Nityananda.
    Gurudev you have been very merciful to me in spite of all my faults and I am such an unfortunate servant I could not justify my existence due to lack of serving attitude. Gurudev, I also have a desire to serve yourself through your instructions just like my other sincere god brothers and sisters. But I am so shameless that I am still attached to my so-called duties and possessions.
    Gurudev kindly keep me under your divine shelter, always.

    Gurudev’s vyasa puja mahotsva ki jai.

    Trying to become Your unconditional servant,
    Nitaichand das

  15. yovna (Author)

    Dear Srila Nitaipreshthji,

    Dandavats Pranam
    I wish you a happy appearance day.
    I want to say thank you for your glorious kathas. They really like medicines for fallen souls like me.

    All glories to you

    Your fallen servant,

    • Anonymous (Author)

      Anant koti dandavat pranaams unto the lotus feet of Nitaipreshtji Srila Gurudev 🙏very very happy abirbhav thithi to you dear Gurudev.

      Dear most Gurudev . …words fall short if I try to glorify you. Your glories are unlimited,but with my broken words I can’t stop myself today to glorify my Spritual Father…who is always merciful.
      You are the Acharya who has given his entire life for the sake of humanity.
      Your divine vani, your divya gyan,your ever fresh way of spreading Nitai consciousness, your seva bhav towards each jiva is totally unmatchable .

      Nitai Vayulekhan is the best gift a father can give to his children…and you have given us the best of the best .

      I don’t have any capacity to glorify you properly. whenever I am in a problem or have a dilemma , thinking of you is always a source of divine inspiration to do the right thing.
      You are always with me…whenever I close my eyes I can feel your presence.

      Thank you so much Gurudev for everything . please shower your mercy on this wretched soul. I know I am totally dependent on your mercy. without you life is so miserable. please please forgive me for all the offenses I have done knowingly or unknowingly.
      Missing you today very much Gurudev. crying and praying to Nitai for your divine Darshan .

      Your insignificant daughter
      Radha rani dasi

  16. Hadaipandith das (Author)

    Dandavat pranaam to your lotus feet Shrila Nitaipreshthji. Today is one of the most auspicious day for all Nitai bhakthas all over the world.

    Dear Gurudev you are the dear most to Lord Doyal Nitai. We are very fortunate that we have got shelter at your lotus feet. Although we are such a fallen people you have accepted us provided shelter at your lotus feet. We always feel that we actually got shelter directly at the lotus feet of Param Dayalu, Lord Nitai.

    Like lord anantadev constantly glorifying lord sri krishna with his thousand mouths, your lotus mouth constantly glorifying Nitai and his nam mahima, and you are giving so many ways to approach lord Nitai so that every soul can continuously at every moment can engage in Nitai Bhakthi and to become the servants of servants for Radha Krishna in a simple, easy way which the people in kaliyuga require.

    Your doya, karuna, caring, loving nature is just like Nitai, your energy while giving Nitai katha and dham parikrama is like Baladev.

    Like a mother who feeds her child as the child could not prepare/eat on their own, you are giving the essense of all the scriptures to us in a very simple form of Niati Vayulekhan. The only thing we need to do is just to follow your words and practice sincerely, seriously and submissively to achieve our spiritual desires.

    We are greatly indebted to you as you have given us the end product of your great sadhana/tapasya that you have made for so many years. And this is all available for free.

    On this auspicious day, I sincerely pray to Nitai to give energy so that I can serve sincerely for spreading the glories of Nitai and his naam and that I can surrender and try to serve you for ever.

    I am a very fallen soul and I sincerely beg you to keep me under your shelter, Shrila Nitaipreshthji.

    Shri Guru Charana Padma, Kevala Bhakathi Sadma.

    Shri Guru Charane Rati,
    Eyi Se Uttama Gati.

    Prema Bhakthi Jaha Hoite, avidya Vinasha Jate.

    Your humble servant.
    Hadaipandit Das.

  17. Radhika Aggarwal (Author)

    Radhika Aggarwal:
    Dandavat pranams unto the lotus feet of Nitaipreshthji Gurudev and all devotees…… Today i want to express my blissful feelings which i had at vyas puja. The whole celeberation was filled with so many goosebumping events. First Nitaipresthji’s katha, kirtana and stupendous dance made the day. Nitaisewa das prabhuji’s kirtan was out of the world. Nitaipreshthji’s eyes were completely soaked in tears after prabhuji’s nerve tickling kirtan which also made most of the devotees present in hall crazy and lead it to the unstoppable dancing full of cries and bliss.. The hours were running away..and i was just hoping and praying to Lord Nitai to make the day longer than usual. All the demigods must be witnessing this most super duper powerpacked katha and kirtan with full of rasa. This is the first time i got to drink Gurudevs divine charnamrit which has the capability to turn you mad with tears of ecstacy. The Mahaprasadam served after puja was indescribable. It served the soul purpose of our existence. The most beautiful day on this earth.. 🙏🙏😊😊

  18. Vasudha Nitai dasi (Author)

    Nitai ! Attending Vyas Puja was one of the biggest mercy. To start with It was like we all were doing preparations, holding up our heart and thinking about when will that time come when Shrila Gurudev will come out of their room and we will be able to have their darshan. The whole atmosphere was so spiritually charged with services and love for Shri Guru.

    As Shrila Gurudev came from room their was singing, flower offering, recordings, offering Dandavats, mridanga and kartals!

    Shrila Gurudev started with offering Dandavats at altar, ghee lamp offering and arti of Tulasi Devi and then explanation on Guru ashtakam was very beautiful as if that seen is going in front of us as to how fallen I am burning in material and that big rain shower to extinguish my fire is my Gurudev ..and all lines were so beautiful! Jay Gurudev! I can’t tell oh god! How much sweet, so innocent and just like reminding Nitai are their actions. They were tying rope of mic showing Damodar lila, they were making Their sanyas Danda the Flute to symbolise Krishna and standing like that 😭😭Gurudev, we miss your association a lot🙏. How he was jumping high in ecstasy and making us all involved in it by their mercy. How Shrila Gurudevs lotus feet were making movements in dancing and making all gain more and more enthusiasm. Nitai!

    As their Vyas puja started, Shrila Gurudev explained how he is allowing us do Vyas puja only as a way so that he can serve all present their and transfer our every drop of offering to Shri Guruparampara. His hands folded, eyes full of tears and humility all power to glorify my most dearest Shrila Gurudev. Then flower offerings..and we all got the remanants of fruit he ate. Devotees were doing so many services together🙌🙌.

    We went for Parikrama with HG Nitaimani das prabhuji and there was thunderous dancing and kirtan💥💥. Nitai Nitai! Many devotees got Gauranga Mahaprabhu garland at Tamal Tala.

    After returning we got chance to discuss about our Moto “MAKE THEM DO IT” and preaching plans. How much Shrila Gurudev desire to give touch of Nitainam to every soul ..he is himself ready to come into field for it. Wish I could become an instrument too by mercy.

    Shrila Gurudev was with us all till late. Every time he came when we were having Prasad. It reminded us of our Parm Gurudev Shrila Bhaktishastri Parampad Maharaj🙏🙏. Oh Nitai , he was making us laugh like anything. Their aura is like if you get such association you can’t leave. You just can’t !!!

    Another most inspiring thing I noticed was he didn’t leave a single devotee in glorifying them. No one was left!😱And not just glorifying little but deep from heart much to learn. Shrila Gurudev told various examples by which he is preparing Nitai sena and even doing those menial services so that we all can learn like folding clothes to cleaning and cooking..everything.

    Nitai! I have no power to glorify you dearest Shrila Gurudev. You are epitome of mercy for most fallen. karama geyana, kichu nahi mora,
    sadhana bhajana nai
    tumi krpa-moya, ami to kangala, ahaituki krpa cai. 🙌🙌🙌

  19. Dayala Nitai das Ishana Thakur das and Jagannatha dasi (Author)

    On this most auspicious appearances day of Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev what words to choose to describe His effulgwnce. He is the torch for our ignorant eyes who accepted wretched souls like us. He is the giver of knowledge about the most merciful Nitai Chand. He whispered the most powerful Mantra in our imperfect ears Nityananda, Gauranga, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. It is due to His mercy the world is flooded with Nitai Vayulekhan the topmost way of purification in Kali Yuga. -The Nam we should strive for to get mercy of our only saviour Lord Nityananda . We raise our forefingers and we raise our palms to touch our Lord and please our Gurudev. He smiles so sweet when someone does Nitai Vayulekhan. So many fingers and so many palms writing the most merciful Nam in creation. We are happy to be in this Kaliyuga to get in touch with Nitai Vayulekhan. Thank you dear Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev for revealing us this gem, our ticket to real devotional service. Thank You for offering us the most effulgent Nam for fighting our demons and impurity. We are Yours writing Nitai Vayulekhan forever. Your disciples Dayala Nitai das, Ishan Thakur das and Jagannatha dasi.

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