• From Mohit Kumar on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

    Dear Nitaipresthiji,

    Please accept the dandavat pranams of this servant at Your lotus feet.

    There is so much that we can write about You, dear Gurudeva, but it can never be enough to fully capture what You have given us and Your glories. Before Your guidance, I felt so lost in bhakti. I had such little attraction to Bhakti, and I was lost in the ocean of speculative philosophy. Yet when I came across Your teachings I was deeply attracted, due to Your nature. You taught us all how a real Uttama Adhikari Vaishnav behaves. The way You never have any ulterior motives but only want the uplift every Jiva in the world spiritually. You are the definition of “Sadhu”. That is why I think that Sri Sri Jahnava Nitai have chosen You to spread Their mission in this Kali Yuga.

    Dear Gurudeva, there is one verse that comes to mind when I think about Your behavior and love for Your disciples. Originally this verse was written for Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, but it also applies to You”

    “kripaya hari-kirtana murti-dharam
    pranamami sada prabhupada-padam”

    “kripaya hari-kirtana murti-dharam” You are the most merciful embodiment of Hari Kirtan. When anyone hears the Nama or the Katha coming out of Your lotus mouth, they are immediately attracted towards the Lord. Your katha cleanses the dirt in the heart. You are the embodiment of the message “Nama Bhaja, Nama Cinta Nama Kara Saara” and Your whole life has been in service to Nama Akshara and Nama Sabda Brahman. Without you, How could we understand the Nama? You took the most rare scriptures of Harinama Cintamani and Navadwip Dhama Mahatmya and gave commentaries on its deep and esoteric meanings and showed us how we should approach Harinama. You gave to the whole world freely the most Merciful Name of Sri Sri Nitai Gaura. You showed to the world shamelessly, the exalted position of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur and His teaching. “dharani bhara haraka gaura janam” Your very birth has removed the burden of Dharti Mata, because You have given us the process of Nitai Vayulekhan which directly and indirectly through the air purifies the sins of all Kali Yuga Jivas. “janakadhika vatsala singdha padam” and Your love of Your disciples is more intense then the Love a father has for his children. You are in all respects our spiritual father. The way you ensure the wellbeing of every devotee, whether they are comfortable in the Dhama, whether they have eaten prasadam etc. Even at the expense of Your own Bhajan and preaching work you go out of Your way to meet with each and every devotee to answer their needs. The ashramas You have built in the 4 holy dhamas, will forever be a way in which all devotees can get Dhama vaasa easily, especially at a place that has been purified by Your Lotus feet. This is the one of the greatest Sevas that is koti koti times better then building million of hospitals. More then that You have no false pride, even though You are fully deserving all Your glories. Through You humility and love for the Guru Parampara, You teach us what it means to serve the Vaishnavs.

    You were the acharya who gave freely to the world the deep, rare amrta that is Nitai dasyam and Nitaainama Lekhan. This Namalekhan’s glories can all be related to You because You are the one giving this nectar to us. Even though I am so sinful, by this process of Nitai Namalekhan I am getting tiny bit taste in Harinama, and the Dhama. This is only due to You, dear Nitaipresthiji. When I listen to Your kathas about Radhakund and Nitai, I feel like the Lords Themselves are present in Your vani. When You sing in Your sweet voice, I just want to sing along with You and dance.

    There is so much more one can write about You Gurudev. About Your attachment to Radhakund (You are the current Radhakund acharya), about Your huge preaching achievements, about Your gift to the world in the form of Nitaaiveda, but I am unable to describe this properly. You are the most dear of Radharani and Jahnava Maa (because She is Bhaktiratna Pradayani). I am so sinful Gurudeva, and that is why I have been unable to come see You or take shelter at Your feet. I feel so dumb and foolish that I cannot properly glorify You and I simply pray at Your lotus feet on this day that You never leave me, or consider me a stranger. Please bless me to be able to come to Ekachakra and Radhakund quickly to have Your darshan.

    Jaya Jaya Nitaipresthi Caranararavinda,
    Jaha krpate jiva paye Nitai Pada Dwanda

    Jaya Jaya Nitaipresthi, Jaya Krpamoya
    Jahara Nama laite ghuce samsarera bhoye!

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    • From Nitai-Bhikshu das on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

      Namah Om Gaurangapadaya Nitaipreshtaya Bhutale Srimate Bhaktiratna Sadhu iti Namine Nitai Vayulekhan Nitai Lila Vitarine Radha Bhaktivinoda Ashraya Pradayine 🙏

      In the past year, a lot of new realizations and blessings have been showered on my head by the mercy and favor of Your Divine Grace. From the first time I heard Nam from You my life has never been the same. The sweetness of the Name was slowly showing itself to me. I would be a first class fool to say that the depth of the realizations I have been receiving are because of my own small efforts. Everything I have is due to my connection with You.

      I have heard You say that You are undeserving of us (Your Sisyas), but factually very few of us are deserving to be Your disciple. Many people are trying to win the lottery but only one out of many millions actually win. However in our case, we have all won the lottery.

      This offering is not showing enough gratitude in comparison to the way in which You are serving me. I am the disciple but You are always giving service to me daily and nourishing my bhajan. I pray to Sri Sri Vasudha Nitai that one day soon I may give some pleasing service to Your Divine Grace, thus ensuring my permanent residence in Ekachakra Dham under Your care and supervision.
      All glories to You Srila Nitaipreshthji 🙏❤️🙏

      Your servant,
      Nitai-Bhikshu das

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  • From Nityanandi dasi on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

    Dearest Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva,

    Please accept my humble obeisances in the dust of Your most purifying lotus feet. Joy Nitai!

    On this glorious occasion of Your Vyasa Puja, the realization that appears most starkly in my mind is that a person as worthless and inept as me can never properly understand Your nature, qualities, glories, and teachings. So as a helpless beggar, I look up towards Srila Vaishnava das Thakura, to help me meditate more deeply upon Your transcendental personality. He has written the soul touching bhajan, jaya jaya sri Guru prema kalpataru, which I will attempt to draw upon in my feeble attempt to express my appreciation towards You.

    First He says jaya jaya sri Guru prema kalpataru. This is the perfect description of Your divine self. You are the wish fulfilling tree of love for Nitai. Love for Nitai is the most powerful force there is and ever will be, and since You embody that, You can will things to manifest to help both Your followers and laymen to also experience that craze for the most loving Lord Nityananda. You are just like Lord Shiva and Sanatan Goswami in this regard. When I think of You I am reminded of the pastime of the soul who worshipped Lord Shiva with the aspirations of obtaining great material wealth. Yet Lord Shiva, being the most merciful, put that soul into contact with Sanatan Goswami whereupon he was naturally induced to give up a touchstone that turned everything into gold in favor of suddha Harinam. Similarly, You must be approached by so many people desirous of both gross and subtle material boons, yet You give them that which is far beyond their expectations, Lord Nitai. What they originally hankered for would only give topical and temporary “happiness”, but by giving them Lord Nitai, You forever remove the possibility of distress and give them eternally bliss: nitya ananda.

    The next point is that Your manifestation in this world is so astonishing. Adbhuta yako prakash. Until now Nitai has been the most well-kept secret in creation. Sri Krishna gave this world to Maya devi to rule, but if one somehow comes in contact with Nitai, Maya devi’s influence is immediately vanquished. If Nitai became extremely popular, Maya devi would have no one under Her subjugation and the entire definition of the material world would cease to have any meaning. But upon Your advent here, that’s exactly what You have set out to do and are succeeding at doing! By Your boundless mercy, You have come to turn this whole world into Nitaidham Ekachakra by installing Nitai in everyone’s hearts through preaching His Holy Name.

    Hiya ageyana timira vara jnana, suchandre kirane koru nash. This verse always reverberates in my heart when I think of You. We have heard about the “torchlight of knowledge” that the Guru uses to dispel the darkness of ignorance, but here Vaishnava das Thakur compares it to moonbeams. And how appropriate, since the brightness emanating from Nitaichand’s lotus feet is compared to millions of moons. And in the same bhajan of Narottam das Thakur, all ignorance is succinctly put: asatyere satya kori mani. Ignorance is when we accept lies to be truth and vice versa. But then He explains the antidote to all ignorance: Nitaiyera charana satya, tanhara sevaka nitya. Only the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda are the only truth and Nitai’s servant is also true (eternal). Eternality is the test of truth. Who is doing greater service for Nitai in all the three worlds than You, my dear Gurudeva? So You are the moon of truth for all of us, who in one fell swoop exposes the illusions we were seeing in the darkness of our ignorance to be false, and lighting up our hearts to the knowledge of Sri Sri Jahnava Nitai.

    Oh, how true is the next line in relation to You! Iha lochana ananda dhama. Seeing You is the abode of bliss for the eyes. So many times, when I feel depressed and feeling so far and rejected from Nitai and Ekachakra Dham, I watch a video of You doing katha or kirtan and suddenly I feel like I have been transported to Siddha Bakul and indescribable elation fills my heart. That is the immense power of Your darshan. Seeing You is non-different than seeing Nitai. Ayachita eheno patita heri yo pahum yachi deyalo Harinam. Even though I have never desired it, You gave me Harinam. More specifically, You gave the means to relish true Harinam by Nitai Namlekhan. A person like me is always committing offenses to Sri Nama Prabhu, and in such a case He keeps His distance. So we are actually never able to associate with the Lord in the form of His Name due to the wall of offenses we construct to keep Him out. But Gurudeva, You are the most unique, because You have found a way for Harinam to come running to flood our hearts, because it is Nitai’s Name that is Supremely Attractive, not just to the jivas, but to Sri Sri Radha Krishna who are non-different from Sri Harinam. Your mercy is simply unmatchable!

    Durgati agati asata mati yo jana, nahi sukriti lava lesh. This verse applies to me perfectly. I’m certainly bound for hell based upon my actions. The Bhakti Sandarbha says te pachyante maha ghore kumbhipake bhayanake bhaksita kita sanghena yavac chandra divakarau. One who blasphemes the Lord or the Vaishnavas will be sent to Kumbhipaka hell and will be bitten by worms and insects for as long as the sun and moon exist. Dear Guru Maharaj, I have done both of these heinous offenses not once, nor twice, but repeatedly throughout this degraded life. Yet even this problem is not too difficult for You to solve. You have revealed to us the ultimate secret, that Nitai Nama even combats Vaishnava aparadha. Your mercy is a force that truly surpasses all the demoniac things I’ve done and can ever do. Yet alas! My real problem is that I still haven’t surrendered to Your lotus feet and accepted that mercy.

    This next verse describes the ultimate gift You have given to everyone. Sri Vrindavan yugala bhajana dhana mohe korolo upadesh. You are the one who has instructed us on how to worship the Divine Couple in Sri Vrindavan Dham. But, You do this so expertly by personalizing our meditations and services based on our innate inclinations. For those who would like to serve Sri Sri Radha Krishna in Radhakund, You tell them how to meditate on Nitai Nam akshar in a way to facilitate their desires and eternal service. You also appropriately instruct those of us who wish to worship the Divine Couple in Their combined form of Sri Bankim Raya alongside Nityananda Raya to do the same. You are very sensitive to the moods of Your disciples and guide everyone impeccably.

    Nirmala Gaura prema rasa sinchane puralo saba mana ash. You shower everyone with the pure prema rasa that Gauranga Mahaprabhu distributed, and by doing so You fulfill all desires. When I reflect upon this verse, the vision of Mahaprabhu distributing Nitai’s charanamrita comes to mind. For me, prema rasa is synonymous to that charanamrita. We were born at a time where we were unable to receive that liquid form of pure love, but yet You have made sure we don’t miss out. Now, just like Gauranga Mahaprabhu Himself, You are distributing that charanamrit in vani form. Especially during Your Ekachakra kathas it actually leaves that lasting sweet taste in our hearts, that the devotees were talking about in Nityananda Charitamrita after tasting Nityananda Mahaprabhu’s charanamrita. How astounding that You are continuing to shower up on us the nectar of Nitai’s lotus feet when we are so undeserving that we rejected it all those years ago when Gauranga was offering it. We don’t deserve a second chance but You are still feeding it to Your starving children, as You are our most loving father.

    My feelings are truly encapsulated in this: so charanambuje rati nahi hoyalo royata Vaishnava dasa. In this case, royata Nityanandi dasi. I can simply cry wondering why even after all this years of receiving Your unconditional mercy and love I still have not developed any attachment to Your lotus feet. I do absolutely nothing to serve Your mission, which is the main indicator of having any attachment to Your sripadapadma. I’m completely a useless burden and I still cannot fathom why You tolerate me. On this day I prostrate myself at the lotus feet of all of Your disciples, who have been sent by Nitai to assist You and who are so close to You by the mammoth sevas They perform out of love for You. Dear Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva, I promise to try to become the menial servant of Your stellar disciples. That is my only hope for developing attachment to Your lotus feet. Please forgive me for my innumerable offenses I have committed towards You. All glories to You and Your associates! Please keep me under the shade of Your lotus feet eternally. I welcome Your kicks which are just like Vrindavan das Thakur’s but I beg You to never kick me away from You.

    Your worthless aspiring servant,
    Nityanandi dasi

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  • From Vaibhav Parakh on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

    Joy Nitai! Hare Krishna| Joy Guruvarga!

    His Divine Grace, Srila GuruMaharaj, please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet.

    I am quite incapable of glorifying you on the day of your appearance. It is because of your unfathomable mercy that a fallen person like me could get the divine association of your lotus feet as well as all the staunch, pure hearted Nitai Bhaktas who tirelessly, serve day and night to spread the glories of Nitai in all directions.

    It is your mercy because of which I could get to reside in Radha Kund and come a little close to understand her importance. I have always seen you working on audios, books, websites and brainstorming ideas on how to preach about Nitai using all possible avenues and taking the best advantage of the available resources, working tirelessly for days without grains or water just to make sure Niati is glorified. Whenever I feel materialistic pangs, I always look forward to having your association and spending time in Radhakund even though I don’t deserve it. I still remember when I first came to your kirtan with Niatimanidas Prabhuji, and all my materialistic hankering vanished altogether when I associated with Nitai bhaktas, singing and chanting and feeling extremely blissful and I feel that the greatest mercy which has been bestowed upon me is Nitai Vayulekhan for which I can’t thank you enough.

    I hope you will accept these words even though I am foolish and dumb and I can’t glorify you properly.

    Please accept my humble obeisances unto your lotus feet,
    Vaibhav Parakh

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  • From Nimai das on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

    Dearest Nitaipreshthji Gurudeva,

    Jaya Nitai! Hare Krishna! Jaya Guruvarga! Please accept my most humble obeisances at Your Lotus Feet.

    Currently, I don’t find a better word which more appropriately describes Your character other than: Acharya. Yes, You are an ideal Acharya and You kept on living up to this standard for another year, day by day, hour by hour, second by second. By Your vivid example You showed us what does it truly mean to take full shelter of Lord Nitaichand by fully unveiling Your inherent attraction and connection with Him and His Holy Dham, Shri Ekachakra Dham by taking residence there. Besides, You showed how to fully absorb oneself in one’s bhajan by taking shelter in the most Holy Earths of Shri Radhakund Dham in complete silence and dedication. Only You and Radhe know what’s going on there when the door is closed for the outside world.

    Further, You made us understand that one’s worship of Shri Nam is not complete without equally giving importance to His Syllable Form. You gave us the most direct way of establishing instantaneous connection with Lord Nitai Himself, without any reservation, by airwriting His Holy Name. Is there any other greater Transcendental Gift? No.

    Your immense sacrifice in various forms just for the sake of reconnecting all the fallen souls with Lord Nitai knows no bounds. The only price which You are asking is that we may kindly appreciate the importance of Your priceless instructions, which You are perpetually conveying to us. Price so low yet so immensely hard to pay by a dumb, crazy, ungrateful soul like myself. Yet You don’t turn Yourself away and keep on nourishing faith in me, that one day i may give up my so-called independence and surrender fully to Your Sublime Instructions.

    Please mercifully accept these broken words of mine by the occasion of Your Most Auspicious Vyasa Puja.

    Offering prostrated obeisances while holding You in highest esteem,
    Nimai das

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  • From Vasudha Nitai dasi on My Seva in Ananga Kunj 🎤

    Speechless! You are so merciful to reveal so many pastimes and services going on in Radhakund. Though I am highly incapable of understanding but by your mercy we could hear and increase faith in Bhakti, Harinam. Really need your blessings. 🙏🙏🙏

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  • From Nitaishyam das on Daily Sadhana of Harinam Japa-Kirtan and Nitainam Lekhan

    Joy Joy Nitai. Joy Joy Srila Nitaipreshthji
    very powerful quotes

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  • From Nitaishyam das on To feel love for Harinam, airwrite Nitainam

    Joy Nitai dandavata pranam Srila Nitaipreshthji.
    very inspiring slides….

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  • From Vasudha Nitai dasi on My Seva in Ananga Kunj 🎤

    This app is so fast in loading the audios. What a revelations in audio!! These regular audios helps a lot 🙏🙏

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