• From Nitaishyam das on Doubts and Leaving

    Wonderful article…. Jaya Jaya Vaishnav Thakur…Jaya Jaya Doyal Nitai…

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  • From Siddhesh Kannan on My Seva in Ananga Kunj 🎤

    Only you can give such realized rasa katha to this material world by your causeless mercy Gurudeva!! Aapke charnon mein koti koti dandvat pranam

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  • From Govindanandini dasi on Radha's Lotus Feet 🎵

    Dear Maharaji and Radha’s Servantes,

    Dandavats pranams 🙏

    Thank you so much for piblishing thia lecture about meri Swamini Radha. I am eternally grateful. And thirsty for more.

    Vancha-kalpa 🙏

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  • From Vasudha Nitai dasi on Shelter of Goswamis and Radhakund by Nitai Mercy 🎵

    Unique mercy of Nitai to give love of Radha Krishna and the point of getting purified is so heart touching. When the verses are sung in these audios ones feel so purifying. Thankyou for these audios.

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  • From Vasudha Nitai dasi on Dive Deeper in Harinam and Nitai Kirtan 🎤

    Nitai !!! This is so beautiful…slow Kirtan. I keep hearing it. Thankyou for recording this.

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  • From Dayala Nitai das Ishana Thakur das and Jagannatha dasi on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

    On this most auspicious appearances day of Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev what words to choose to describe His effulgwnce. He is the torch for our ignorant eyes who accepted wretched souls like us. He is the giver of knowledge about the most merciful Nitai Chand. He whispered the most powerful Mantra in our imperfect ears Nityananda, Gauranga, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. It is due to His mercy the world is flooded with Nitai Vayulekhan the topmost way of purification in Kali Yuga. -The Nam we should strive for to get mercy of our only saviour Lord Nityananda . We raise our forefingers and we raise our palms to touch our Lord and please our Gurudev. He smiles so sweet when someone does Nitai Vayulekhan. So many fingers and so many palms writing the most merciful Nam in creation. We are happy to be in this Kaliyuga to get in touch with Nitai Vayulekhan. Thank you dear Srila Nitaipresthji Gurudev for revealing us this gem, our ticket to real devotional service. Thank You for offering us the most effulgent Nam for fighting our demons and impurity. We are Yours writing Nitai Vayulekhan forever. Your disciples Dayala Nitai das, Ishan Thakur das and Jagannatha dasi.

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  • From Vasudha Nitai dasi on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

    Nitai ! Attending Vyas Puja was one of the biggest mercy. To start with It was like we all were doing preparations, holding up our heart and thinking about when will that time come when Shrila Gurudev will come out of their room and we will be able to have their darshan. The whole atmosphere was so spiritually charged with services and love for Shri Guru.

    As Shrila Gurudev came from room their was singing, flower offering, recordings, offering Dandavats, mridanga and kartals!

    Shrila Gurudev started with offering Dandavats at altar, ghee lamp offering and arti of Tulasi Devi and then explanation on Guru ashtakam was very beautiful as if that seen is going in front of us as to how fallen I am burning in material and that big rain shower to extinguish my fire is my Gurudev ..and all lines were so beautiful! Jay Gurudev! I can’t tell oh god! How much sweet, so innocent and just like reminding Nitai are their actions. They were tying rope of mic showing Damodar lila, they were making Their sanyas Danda the Flute to symbolise Krishna and standing like that 😭😭Gurudev, we miss your association a lot🙏. How he was jumping high in ecstasy and making us all involved in it by their mercy. How Shrila Gurudevs lotus feet were making movements in dancing and making all gain more and more enthusiasm. Nitai!

    As their Vyas puja started, Shrila Gurudev explained how he is allowing us do Vyas puja only as a way so that he can serve all present their and transfer our every drop of offering to Shri Guruparampara. His hands folded, eyes full of tears and humility all power to glorify my most dearest Shrila Gurudev. Then flower offerings..and we all got the remanants of fruit he ate. Devotees were doing so many services together🙌🙌.

    We went for Parikrama with HG Nitaimani das prabhuji and there was thunderous dancing and kirtan💥💥. Nitai Nitai! Many devotees got Gauranga Mahaprabhu garland at Tamal Tala.

    After returning we got chance to discuss about our Moto “MAKE THEM DO IT” and preaching plans. How much Shrila Gurudev desire to give touch of Nitainam to every soul ..he is himself ready to come into field for it. Wish I could become an instrument too by mercy.

    Shrila Gurudev was with us all till late. Every time he came when we were having Prasad. It reminded us of our Parm Gurudev Shrila Bhaktishastri Parampad Maharaj🙏🙏. Oh Nitai , he was making us laugh like anything. Their aura is like if you get such association you can’t leave. You just can’t !!!

    Another most inspiring thing I noticed was he didn’t leave a single devotee in glorifying them. No one was left!😱And not just glorifying little but deep from heart much to learn. Shrila Gurudev told various examples by which he is preparing Nitai sena and even doing those menial services so that we all can learn like folding clothes to cleaning and cooking..everything.

    Nitai! I have no power to glorify you dearest Shrila Gurudev. You are epitome of mercy for most fallen. karama geyana, kichu nahi mora,
    sadhana bhajana nai
    tumi krpa-moya, ami to kangala, ahaituki krpa cai. 🙌🙌🙌

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  • From Radhika Aggarwal on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

    Radhika Aggarwal:
    Dandavat pranams unto the lotus feet of Nitaipreshthji Gurudev and all devotees…… Today i want to express my blissful feelings which i had at vyas puja. The whole celeberation was filled with so many goosebumping events. First Nitaipresthji’s katha, kirtana and stupendous dance made the day. Nitaisewa das prabhuji’s kirtan was out of the world. Nitaipreshthji’s eyes were completely soaked in tears after prabhuji’s nerve tickling kirtan which also made most of the devotees present in hall crazy and lead it to the unstoppable dancing full of cries and bliss.. The hours were running away..and i was just hoping and praying to Lord Nitai to make the day longer than usual. All the demigods must be witnessing this most super duper powerpacked katha and kirtan with full of rasa. This is the first time i got to drink Gurudevs divine charnamrit which has the capability to turn you mad with tears of ecstacy. The Mahaprasadam served after puja was indescribable. It served the soul purpose of our existence. The most beautiful day on this earth.. 🙏🙏😊😊

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  • From Hadaipandith das on 2016 Vyasapuja Offerings to Sadhu Maharaj

    Dandavat pranaam to your lotus feet Shrila Nitaipreshthji. Today is one of the most auspicious day for all Nitai bhakthas all over the world.

    Dear Gurudev you are the dear most to Lord Doyal Nitai. We are very fortunate that we have got shelter at your lotus feet. Although we are such a fallen people you have accepted us provided shelter at your lotus feet. We always feel that we actually got shelter directly at the lotus feet of Param Dayalu, Lord Nitai.

    Like lord anantadev constantly glorifying lord sri krishna with his thousand mouths, your lotus mouth constantly glorifying Nitai and his nam mahima, and you are giving so many ways to approach lord Nitai so that every soul can continuously at every moment can engage in Nitai Bhakthi and to become the servants of servants for Radha Krishna in a simple, easy way which the people in kaliyuga require.

    Your doya, karuna, caring, loving nature is just like Nitai, your energy while giving Nitai katha and dham parikrama is like Baladev.

    Like a mother who feeds her child as the child could not prepare/eat on their own, you are giving the essense of all the scriptures to us in a very simple form of Niati Vayulekhan. The only thing we need to do is just to follow your words and practice sincerely, seriously and submissively to achieve our spiritual desires.

    We are greatly indebted to you as you have given us the end product of your great sadhana/tapasya that you have made for so many years. And this is all available for free.

    On this auspicious day, I sincerely pray to Nitai to give energy so that I can serve sincerely for spreading the glories of Nitai and his naam and that I can surrender and try to serve you for ever.

    I am a very fallen soul and I sincerely beg you to keep me under your shelter, Shrila Nitaipreshthji.

    Shri Guru Charana Padma, Kevala Bhakathi Sadma.

    Shri Guru Charane Rati,
    Eyi Se Uttama Gati.

    Prema Bhakthi Jaha Hoite, avidya Vinasha Jate.

    Your humble servant.
    Hadaipandit Das.

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  • From on Shastra Proof to Get Harinam Ruchi by Nitainam Lekhan

    Anant koti dandavat pranaams unto the lotus feet of Nitaipreshtji Srila Gurudev 🙏very very happy abirbhav thithi to you dear Gurudev.

    Dear most Gurudev . …words fall short if I try to glorify you. Your glories are unlimited,but with my broken words I can’t stop myself today to glorify my Spritual Father…who is always merciful.
    You are the Acharya who has given his entire life for the sake of humanity.
    Your divine vani, your divya gyan,your ever fresh way of spreading Nitai consciousness, your seva bhav towards each jiva is totally unmatchable .

    Nitai Vayulekhan is the best gift a father can give to his children…and you have given us the best of the best .

    I don’t have any capacity to glorify you properly. whenever I am in a problem or have a dilemma , thinking of you is always a source of divine inspiration to do the right thing.
    You are always with me…whenever I close my eyes I can feel your presence.

    Thank you so much Gurudev for everything . please shower your mercy on this wretched soul. I know I am totally dependent on your mercy. without you life is so miserable. please please forgive me for all the offenses I have done knowingly or unknowingly.
    Missing you today very much Gurudev. crying and praying to Nitai for your divine Darshan .

    Your insignificant daughter
    Radha rani dasi

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